As seen on TV

As seen on TV

Wild at Heart

 This is a snakeskin jacket! And for me it's a symbol of my individuality, and my belief... in personal freedom.

Pulp Fiction


Perfect. Perfect. We couldn't've planned this better.
You guys look like...what do they look like, Jimmie?

Dorks. They look like a couple of dorks.

Saturday Night Fever

Tony Manero:[walks into clothing store after seeing silk shirt in window] You do lay-away?

Haberdashery Salesman: As long as it doesn't turn into a ten-year mortgage.

Tony Manero: [hands salesman some cash and prepares to leave] I want that shirt in the window.

Haberdashery Salesman: Wait, let me get you a receipt.

Tony Manero: [still walking out] I trust you.

Haberdashery Salesman: No... DON'T trust me!


The Outsiders

Only Mickey Mouse shirts are good enough for Two-Bit.